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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Wake Pro 100


    The LF Wakesurf Edge Pro Wake Shaper 100 will make a small wake even BIGGER or help you fine tune a big wake into a surfing playground! Requires a flat surface measuring 5" tall by 13" long. WSE suction cups will accommodate hull curvature.

    Adjustable design lets you decide! Shift the Wakesurf Edge location on the fly to create deeper pockets or a longer wake face with more push.  The Pro Wake Shaper 100 is ideal for Jet Skis where the device is mounted under the jet prop to build a perfect wake for foiling.  Can also be used as a secondary shaper behind one of our other WSE Models to fine tune your wave even further.
  • -Large Water Displacement Wing for Maximum Wave Height! (Face: 10" x 10" = 100sq”)
    -Patented Concave Water Channeling Wing
    -Super Strong Suction Cup Attachment! Easy to Adjust on the Fly, No Ugly Velcro or Safety Tethers Required
    -Made with Rust-free Materials and FLOATS!
    -Level Load Boat to Keep Nose Down for the Captain's Visibility and a Long Wake