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Surf Style

 These boards usually look like shorter versions of ocean surfboards. They’re directional (meaning meant to be ridden only one way) and are typically made out of foam and fiberglass (although that’s not always the case). They usually utilize two or more large fins and offer rounded rails (sides of the board). These wakesurf boards are able to generate good speed when pumping thanks to the larger fins but can sometimes make it difficult to stay with the wave without pumping or being on an edge. These boards are great for making big carves and getting air!

Blusurf RTR $599.00 USD $1,250.00 USD
Pure Wakesurf Tripp $1,199.00 USD
Pure Wakesurf P1 $1,199.00 USD
Phase Five Phantom - 2023 $791.20 USD $989.00 USD
Doomswell Falcon - White 2023 $499.97 USD $799.00 USD
Pure Wakesurf Zero G $1,199.00 USD
Doomswell Falcon - Kevlar 2023 $499.97 USD $849.00 USD
Doomswell Falcon - Bamboo 2023 $499.97 USD $849.00 USD
Liquid Force Pod $539.00 USD
Pure Wakesurf Money $1,199.00 USD
Doomswell Neo - Blue 2023 $499.97 USD $769.00 USD
Doomswell Falcon - Red 2023 $499.97 USD $799.00 USD
Liquid Force Guapo $519.00 USD