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Futures Jordy Large

Pick this one when you really want to stick those landings and be able to release off the top. This is an excellent choice for anyone from beginner to the more experienced rider. Choose a large fin when you need stability in chop or larger/steeper wakes for extra hold.

The Jordy Medium Honeycomb is a medium size Balanced fin with a Ride Number of 5.0. It's a scaled down version of Jordy Smith's signature model. This fin's neutral flex pattern combined with additional rake and a thinner tip provides a great blend of hold when on rail and release off of the top. This is an excellent fin for the up-and-coming surfer looking for more performance

**Please note - fins were originally created for ocean surfing so there will be 3 fins in the packaging. You will not need the center fin. You can also disregard weight limits as those are intended weights for ocean size boards.