Deese Mode Pro Finless - Red - Wake Outfitters

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Deese Mode Pro Finless - Red

  • The newest board to the Wake Outfitters line up and we are super pumped! This is brain child of Team Rider and Pro Surfer, Ryan Deese! His Pro Model is one of the best on the market and you are sure to love it!

    This is the board that changed it all for Exile’s ocean skimboard line. Many have tried to copy this board, all have failed. Unlike most skimboard companies, the most popular board they sell is also the most expensive board they sell. Why you ask? Cause it’s just that good! The perfect balance of weight, strength and stiffness combine to make Exile’s most popular high-end skimboard ever. They don't cut corners. They don't skimp on materials or labor. They do everything possible to build the best performing skim style wake surf in the world, and that's why people love it. They have customers still riding these boards from when the company was founded in 2002. You want the best? This is it. Come and get it!

    Carbon Fiber is practically synonymous with top of the line in any industry. This fabric is highly coveted for its extreme strength and stiffness. Exile uses only Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber and Epoxy resin, making these boards stronger, stiffer and lighter than our fiberglass boards. They use Epoxy Resin specifically with our Double Carbon Fiber boards because Epoxy resin is formulated specifically to work with carbon fiber. Polyester Resin is used by other brands because it's more economical, but it does not properly bond with Carbon Fiber. Truly the best skim style wake surf money can buy!

    Traction included in the box
  • Key Features of Double Carbon Fiber Epoxy:
    • A Full Sheet of Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber on the top and bottom
    • Premium Epoxy Resin
    • S-Glass Reinforced Bottom •
    Reinforced with multiple layers of fiberglass
    • High Density PVC Foam Core
    • Double Wrapped Rails
    • Every Trick in the Book

    *Because Carbon Fiber is inherently black in nature and due to our construction process, there is a good chance you will see some black showing along the rails of the board and perhaps some areas on the deck.

    The Hornet™ Shape is is the culmination of over a year of R&D with Exile's elite team of riders to take their most popular Hybrid Shape and make it THAT much better. They’ve taken the Hybrid Shape and drawn in the tail profile to make it narrower and slightly more pointed. This creates a shape that performs much like the Hybrid, BUT is ultra responsive under the lip and has extra 'hold' on the face of larger, steeper waves. Ideal for average to above average conditions. This shape will not disappoint!
  • S   52" and 5/8" thick 125-160
    M  53" and 5/8" thick 150-185
    L   54" and 5/8" thick 180-200
    XL 55" and 5/8" thick 195+