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Soulcraft Superfly

  • SuperFly is everything you come to expect from a board. Targeted at pushing a riders boundaries and leading skill progression and advancement. Its modern design influence is rooted from an iconic outline, the Stretch FlyBoy - designed by Jeff and James Walker many, many years ago which has become sort of a cult classic among connoisseurs of wake surf.

    Writing a new page in the modern wake surf shapers playbook, Soulcraft took this outline and focused on maximizing performance to match the powerful waves being offered by todays premiere boat manufacturers. With these design goals, SuperFly received our latest hybrid rail profile, model specific advanced base and deck concaves for extremely easy release, maximum agility and ample board control for the seasoned surfer.

    If you’re looking to stake claim to rotational tricks and boost huge airs - the SuperFly delivers.
  • Rocker: Moderate
Rail Profile: 3 Phase Hybrid
Tail Profile: Thumb
    Nose Profile: Blunt
    Rider Profile: Intermediate to Expert
    Includes: EVA Traction and F4 Thermotec Fins
  • 4'2" - 4'5"
    80-130 LBS. / 5'2"-5'6" Smaller riders who have a narrower stance width and lighter weight range find confidence with the performance of a smaller volume and shorter length.

    130-200 LBS. / 5'6"-6'2" Middle weight riders who ride with an average stance width and complimentary weight excel in this range of volumes and lengths.

    210-260 LBS. / 6'2"-6'6" Patriarch riders who require large stance widths and matching weight find added buoyancy from our larger volumes and lengths.