Soulcraft Super AV

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This is the Angie Viland Pro Model. For 2019, Soulcraft has tweaked the outline to widen the nose, allowing the board to have a straighter center rail line to make it even faster and giving it a more responsive feel! 

If you like surfing deeper in the pocket, the AV was made for you!  The wider fang tail gives the board added float and aids in the recovery getting back in the pocket.  It also acts like fins off the tail giving the board more control when landing airs and gives better control when coming in and out of surface tricks!

The Super AV gives the rider the best of both worlds-ease of rotation for surface tricks, and a quicker release for added separation on airs. The deck also features rail channels that aid in board grabs well as a lowered rail shape to make the board faster with wave attachment.

Rode stock as a twin fin but is setup to ride as a quad as well.  Fins and traction included in the box. Futures fins compatible so that you can customize it to exactly your needs!

For added grip and control, take a look at our Viskus traction!  It gives the feel of wax without the mess!