Soulcraft Secret Weapon

This is the Secret Weapon you've been looking for! It is meant to be more advanced and ready to take you to the next level with tons of pop off the wake! 

It features a rounded nose for easy release when doing Shuv’s or 180’s.The rail is a progressive shape which can be pump driven to get the bigger airs and big bottom turns. The concave deck allows for better attachment in air tricks. The bottom has a flat entry to a deep single concave going flat off the tail for speed and pop off the wake. Last but not least, a  wide Fang tail that will create drive and control going into and out of tricks or aerials. 

Rode stock as a twin fin but is setup to ride as a quad as well. Fins and traction included in the box.  Futures fins compatible so that you can customize it to exactly your needs!

All Soulcraft boards are top of the line pro model boards that are handcrafted in the US.  Looking for custom designs or color, give us a call!

For added grip and control, take a look at our Viskus traction!  It gives the feel of wax without the mess!