Slingshot Cobra Cat - 2020

  • A truly classic surf style shape that carves hard! With the thruster configuration using keyless FCS II fins, it’s super quick and easy to change the fin set up making it the perfect board for beginners and the more experienced alike. With its large weight variations, the Cobra Cat is the only board you need for all your friends and family!

    The Cobra Cat is a classic surf shape design for all those Slater types looking to carve hard and deep for a completely agile wave shaving performance. The pulled in tail allows surfers to turn tighter in the pocket and flow from rail to rail without interruption.

    The Cobra Cat features a thruster FCS II fin configuration, making customization a possibility in a matter of seconds. Looking for a loose and playful release off the top? Run the twin fin setup ... Want more drive off the lip and more stability for beginners? Run it as a thruster!

    ... Why you’ll LOVE the COBRA CAT:
    A classic shape everyone on the boat will enjoy. It’s agile and snappy and has plenty of speed for tossing the rope and shredding proper freshwater swells.
  • FCS II fin tech
    FCSII fin technology allows you to configure your fins on the fly without the use of a tool

    Choose from multiple fin configurations including thruster, quad, twin and single fin (depending on board model). FCS II boxes are compatible with all FCS fins allowing you to customize your ride however you like.

    EVA deck pad
    Smooth to the touch and GRIPPY WHEN WET, our new EVA deckpads are not too soft and not too firm. Just the way we like it.

    Double Concave Hull
    The double concave hull helps create traction without sacrificing speed, and also helps the board rock effortlessly from rail to rail.

    Center spine
    Helps in the transition from toe to heel edge when rocking and rolling on the wave.

    Dual Cupped Rails
    Located on the toe and heel rails of the board s, these channels give the board additional “bite” when digging into the face of the wave. They feel almost like a small cheater fin on the edge that helps keep you on the sweet spot of the wave and prevents slipouts.

    Classic surf shape
    A traditional surf outline that’s ideal for aggressive shortboard style surfers.

    Fast rocker line
    The key to success when surfing small waves and being able to let go of the rope behind the boat. •
  • Sizes: 4'8" 125-275 pounds | 5'0" 150-300

    Package Includes: COBRA CAT BOARD, 3 — 3.9” FCSII FINS