Phase 5 Diamond Turbo Ghost LTD - 2019

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  • Phase 5 took the tried and true and made it even better! With the last ¼ of the board refined and boxed out, the tail now gives the rider more leading edge in the water. What that means for you is ease of accelerating without putting all your weight on the nose. The limited edition Ghost glass goes a step better and shaves weight from the board for even more performance!

    The Diamond has been helping riders push their limits for the past 7. For years we couldn't think of a way to improve this proven shape. After some research and development Drew and the masterminds at Phase 5 introduce the all new Diamond Turbo Tail. The front 3/4 of the board remain untouched. But the last 1/4 of the board has some big changes. We boxed out the diamond tail to give the rider more leading edge in the water. This helps the diamond lock into the face of the wave. It also gives you more volume under your back foot, This means more acceleration without having to be super front foot heavy. Hand wrapped with Phase 5's Gatorskin the diamond gives you durability and spreadability with a fresh new look. The Diamond come equipped with 3 fins.

    "The Ghost LTD boards have all the benefits of the original design. This new layup sheds a little weight from the originals. Just light enough to spin faster off your feet, but still heavy enough to keep the spin momentum. Turn your 3 shuvs to 5 shuvs with the GHOST LTD models." -Drew Danielo
    • 3/4 THICK
    • 3 FINS

    (1) 1" TAIL FIN / (2) 1" FAKIE FIN PADS

    Deluxe Skim + NEW!! P5 Techno Grip™ Traction
  • 48" x 20" x .75" - 9 Liter Volume = For Riders 70 - 150 lbs.
    51" x 20.5" x .75" - 10 Liter Volume = For Riders 100 - 180 lbs.
    54" x 20.75" x .75" - 10.6 Liter Volume = For Riders 140 - 220 lbs.
    57" x 22" x .75" - 11 Liter Volume = For Riders 160 - 250 lbs.

    Size recommendations vary based on wave size and ability level.