Doomswell Bandwagon - Tighty Whitey 2020

  • Due to the amazing popularity of the Tighty Whitey boards, Doomswell has brought them back for 2020. Now with more added speed and F4 inner foiled fins!  A fresh take on an already perfect board! 

    Looking for that perfect surfboard and not sure what to get? Jump on the Bandwagon and look no further! Stable, quick down the line, and with extreme pop off the wake. The Bandwagon was new for 2019 and is already a huge hit for many reasons. The design of this board and the ability to really throw it around the wake makes it an instant favorite!

    Doomswell has been making high performance Team Rider models for years but feel it's time our Surf Family get in on the fun. This board offers a straighter outline allowing for smoother on rail surfing. They have also increased the overall rocker for this model allowing for more aggressive top to bottom surfing. A full concave is used to offset the slightly increased rocker so the board maintains speed. •
  • - Vector Net Aramid (Kevlar) for increased tensile strength - Futures (ILT) Quad Fin System - lightest and strongest fin system in the world
    - Futures Thermocore F4 front fins for loose radical surfing
    - TMF1 rear fins to increase drive and provide directional control through turns without sacrificing speed
    - Full Deck Traction w/ 3M Marine Grade PSA Adhesive
    - Ultralight weight EPS Foam Core for structural integrity and stiffness
    - Epoxy Fiberglass Skin provides strong yet flexible shell
    - Vent Plug / Self Venting to help maintain the balance of pressure inside the Wakesurf boards
  • Fins = Quad Ride as a quad with large front and "nubster" rear fins to give you plenty of drive down the line with a very "locked in" stable feel. Remove the small rear fins and ride as a twin fin with the large front fins and the board becomes very loose and able to spin.