Connelly Voodoo Women's - 2020

  • Top of the line feel for a much more affordable price. The Voodoo is an all surf style board ready to help you slash through the wake and pop off the top. Offered in 3 different sizes so you can pick the perfect size tailored to you!

    You're free to bring other boards on the boat but this quiver killer is going to see the most time on the wave. A wide tip and tail adds to total surface area supporting bigger riders. This also takes come curve out of the rail creating a fast but stable feel. The Voodoo can hang way back on a wave and is reactive enough to boost forward on command.

  • • Surf design
    • Epoxy construction
    • EPS foam core with 5mm stringer
    • 1 piece EVA pad
    • Twin FCS II side carver 3.9” fins
    • Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced 

  • Size: 4'5"
    Width: 20.55"
    Volume: 13.20L
    Rocker Height: 2.70"/0.20"
    Rider Weight: Up to 180 lbs, <180 lbs

    Size: 4'10"
    Width: 21.00"
    Volume: 14.70L
    Rocker Height: 2.90"/0.30"
    Rider Weight: Up to 200 lbs, <200 lbs
    Size: 5'1"
    Width: 21.30"
    Volume: 15.50L
    Rocker Height: 2.90"/0.30"
    Rider Weight: 180+lbs, >180 lbs