Connelly Ono 2019 - Demo

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Connelly Ono 4'10" for 200 pounds and less.  Lightly used.  Excellent condition.  All demo boards sold as is.  Free Shipping.

You don't need Yoko to ride the Ono. This board knows how to drive and is designed to maximize your push. The Ono is Connelly's newest high end performance board. It is built with the inspiration of the ocean and made to carve and slash the larger wakes coming off today's boats. The Ono also features one of the most exciting additions to select Connelly boards, the all new Ghost Grip. Ghost grip gives the look and feel of wax without the mess. When wet you can grip the board much better than with a traditional traction making it much easier to feel the board under your feet and throw it around the wake like you've always wanted too! 

As boat wave technology improves we're finding ourselves riding longer, taller waves that have more area to slay on. With all that room for radical activities it helps to have a board that can handle higher speeds, bigger carves, and more slash. Pulling design inspiration from our ocean riding brethren, the Ono has a longer running length, with more volume through the nose giving this board tons of push. Channels along the base direct water flow through a quad, or twin, fin setup for just the right amount of tracking.