Connelly Katana - 2019

  • The all new Katana gives you quick response and speed to drive the line while forgiving in the best of ways. Beginners to advanced riders will appreciate the ease of maneuverability plus the boosty-ness off the top of the wake! The most exciting addition to select Connelly boards, including the Katana, is the all new Ghost Grip. Ghost grip gives the look and feel of wax without the mess. When wet you can grip the board much better than with a traditional traction making it much easier to throw your board around!

    Serious riders can't do their thing unless they have a serious weapon to attack the wave. The Katana doesn't disappoint and is guaranteed to stay sharp. Round rolls up front are forgiving and buoyant, helping the tip stay above water, while sharp rails along the tail give it bite. Vector net in the tail provides ninja like response and pop off the lip. Utilize a blazing fast quad fins setup or ride it as a twin for a looser, slashy feel.
  • • Surf design
    • Epoxy construction
    • EPS foam core with 5mm stringer
    • Vector net
    • Ghost Grip with rear EVA pad
    • Quad FCS II; 2 – 3.1”, 2 – 2.1” fins
    • Center channel in tail
    • Designed for: Advanced/Expert
  • Size: 4'7"
    Width: 21.70"
    Volume: 18.10L
    Rocker Height: 2.30"/0.40"
    Rider Weight: Up to 200 lbs, < 200 lbs

    Size: 4'10"
    Width: 22.00"
    Volume: 19.40L
    Rocker Height: 2.30"/.40"
    Rider Weight: 180+ lbs, > 180 lbs