Connelly Habit - 2020

  • The Habit is made with a flat rocker and single fin making this board an excellent and affordable choice for the more advanced rider or those looking to learn more tricks. This board is loose and made to move so you can bust out 360's, shuvs, and more!

    The Habit offers a fast reacting, skate-like feel. Zero bottom features and a single center fin make it easy to break free for spins. A relatively flat rocker line lets you float back on a wave or boost forward with a quick redistribution of weight. The Habit was built for technical riders or people who enjoy a looser feel.
  • • Skim design
    • Compression construction
    • Polyurethane resin core
    • 1 piece EVA pad
    • 1” center skim fin
    • Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Size: 48"
    Width: 20.50"
    Volume: N/A
    Rocker Height: 2.30"/0.10"
    Rider Weight: Up to 190 lbs, <190 lbs="" br=""> Size: 52"
    Width: 20.80"
    Volume: N/A
    Rocker Height: 2.35"/0.10"
    Rider Weight: 160+lbs, >160 lbs