Connelly Benz - 2019

  • With the Benz you get the benefit of the years of Connelly board building experience. This board is their longest running epoxy surfer and has been perfected to a T! This is another top seller in their line up. If you can't decide between skim or surf style, this hybrid design is the way to go. The Benz excels at boosting off the top but if you want a looser skim style to spin those 360's, simply pop out the twin fins!

    This premier hybrid design has been the longest running epoxy surfer in the Connelly line for good reason, it rips! With true 'best of both worlds' capabilities the Benz excels from one end of the riding spectrum to the other. A single 1" skim fin can be used for riders that like a looser skim feel, or pop in the twin 3.1" surf fins for a ride with more bite. The Connelly tool-less surf fin boxes will make sure you're not sidelined long while swapping the setup.
  • • Hybrid design
    • Epoxy construction
    • EPS foam with 5mm stringer
    • Vector net
    • 1 piece EVA pad
    • Twin FCS II 3.1” fins
    • 1" skim center fin
    • Designed for: Advanced/Expert
  • Size: 4'4"
    Width: 21.75
    Volume: 12.60L
    Rocker Height: 2.00'/.30"
    Rider Weight: Up to 180 lbs

    Size: 4'8"
    Width: 22.20"
    Volume: 14.00L
    Rocker Height: 2.20"/0.40"
    Rider Weight: Up to 200 lbs

    Size: 4'11"
    Width: 22.50"
    Volume: 15.70L
    Rocker Height: 2.40"/0.40"
    Rider Weight: 180+ lbs,
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