Slingshot Gnarwhal - 2019

  • You can never go wrong with a Slingshot. Top quality at an affordable price. These boards are made to last and have such a wide weight range use that they are the perfect board to keep on the boat for everyone! Made with FCS II fins, it is super easy to pop out and go from 4 to 2 fin with no tools needed!

    The Gnarwhal is Slingshots go to for big waves, big airs, and progressive wakesurfing.

    BENEFIT: Fits in the pocket easily, adjustable fin placement for a customizable feel, wide tail feeds off the wave and the speed is ideal for boosting airs.

  • FCS II fin technology
    • Flat nose / fat tail progressive surf shape
    • Double concave hull
    • Fast rocker line
    • EVA deck pad
    • Dual cupped rail channels
    • Center Spine
    • Aggressive nose rocker
  • 4'6" 100-250 | 4'10" 145-295

    Package Includes: GNARWHAL BOARD, 4 — 3.9” FCSII FINS