Slingshot Cobra Cat - 2019

    Slingshot's winner of best all around! The Cobra Cat is a great board for everyone on the boat no matter the skill level or size! With its larger size variation, you only need one board and all your friends and family will be able to give it a try!

    We considered naming this board the “Fast and Agile,” but “Cobra Cat” rolled off the tongue a bit smoother.
    This board turns on a dime and will have you hacking the lip like it’s your WSL tour trial.

    BENEFIT: Easy to keep up with the wave, customizable fin set-up, turn tighter and carve harder than any other board in our line.

    • FCS II fin tech
    • EVA deck pad
    • Double Concave Hull
    • Dual Cupped Rails
    • Classic surf shape
    • Fast rocker line
  • SIZES: 4'8" 125-275 pounds | 5'0" 150-300

    Package Includes: COBRA CAT BOARD, 3 — 3.9” FCSII FINS