Slingshot Coaster XR - 2019

  • The stronger more stylish sister of the original Coaster thanks to an added Carbon Matrix overlay. The Coaster is new to the Slingshot family. This is the board for any size wave. Having a hard time staying in the wake? This board was made for you.

    Built to shred smaller waves – like biking down a hill that was steeper than you imagined, the Coaster will go the farthest and longest of any board in our quiver. Perfect for those looking for a little extra “push” to keep up with the wave.

    BENEFIT: Longer rides on every size wave, easy pop-ups, forgiving rides.
  • • Large surface area
    • Mild Nose Rocker
    • EVA deck pad for walking the plank
    • Fast rocker lines
    • Pin Tail Design
    • Double Concave Hull
    • Customizeable Fin Configuration
  • SIZES: 5'0"

    Package Includes: COASTER BOARD, 3 x 2” SYMMETRICAL G10 FINS