Slingshot Coaster - 2019

  • The Coaster is new to the Slingshot family. This is the board for any size wave. Having a hard time staying in the wake? This board was made for you.

    Built to shred smaller waves – like biking down a hill that was steeper than you imagined, the Coaster will go the farthest and longest of any board in our quiver. Perfect for those looking for a little extra “push” to keep up with the wave.

    BENEFIT: Longer rides on every size wave, easy pop-ups, forgiving rides.
  • • Large surface area
    • Mild Nose Rocker
    • EVA deck pad for walking the plank
    • Fast rocker lines
    • Pin Tail Design
    • Double Concave Hull
    • Customizeable Fin Configuration
  • SIZES: 5'0" | 5'3"

    Package Includes: COASTER BOARD, 3 x 2” SYMMETRICAL G10 FINS