Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Wake V3 Package - 2020

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  • Whether you have the biggest and baddest wake boat on the market or a boat that isn’t even meant for surfing, you can fly with the Slingshot Wakesurf foil! And because you are elevated above the water, you can ride in any water conditions. From the smoothest glass to the choppiest waters, you can always enjoy the ride!

    The Hover Glide Foil Wake V3 Package is the ultimate package for learning to foil. The package pairs our WF-2 board which has a fully wrapped EVA deck and Slingshot’s award winning Hover Glide FWAKE hydrofoil equipped with a Gamma 68cm front wing and 61cm mast. A front half strap is also included and will make connecting to the board for deepwater starts simple and easy! The WF2 quickly takes riders from wakesurfing, to “wakesurfing 2.0” in a matter of a few short sessions. Unlock your surfing potential 2-3 waves back and turn any body of water into a sheet of glass - That’s the power of the Hover Glide Foil Wake V3 package, brought to you by the #1 producer of hydrofoils worldwide!
  • Package Includes:

    WF-2 Foil Board
    Hover Glide FWAKE Complete Foil
    61cm Mast
    Gamma 68cm Front Wing
    42cm Rear Stabilizer Wing
    Front Half Strap
    Foil Travel Case and Neoprene Wing Covers