Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Wake Package - 2019

  • If you have been wanting to try surfing but don't have the boat for it, the Hover Glide Foil is what you need. You don't need the wake of a specialty boat for a foil. You can ride behind any boat, including your pontoon or jetski. And because you are elevated above the water, you can ride in any water conditions. From the smoothest glass to the choppiest waters, you can always enjoy the ride!

    Be sure to check out the Slingshot Foil Academy for all the how-to info you need!


    The Hover Glide Foil Wake Package leverages all the input we have received from our foil academy (thousands of users) to build the most dynamic and playful all-around foil wake package on the market, period. This is Slingshot innovation at its finest, and it’s years ahead of the competition. Look around, do your research … you’ll see what we mean.
    This complete package includes the most versatile foil in our line, the Gamma 68. Its size and surface area provide the lift and stability needed for learning, progression, and wake surfing. Its unique shape provides a crazy level of stability and lift that is ideal for people learning to foil and for riding the wake.
  • Complete Package Includes:

    • WF2 Soft Top Foil Board
    • Gamma 68 Front Wing
    • 42mm Rear Stabilizer Wing
    • 46 cm (18" learning mast)
    • 61 cm (24" mast)
    • All Hardware
  • Size – 4’10”
    Length – 58”
    Width – 20”
    Thickenss – 1.375”
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