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Over $500

Gift Card from HK$80.31
Blusurf RTR HK$5,855.00 HK$10,039.00
Wake Ballast 500lb (10 Bags) HK$5,534.00 HK$6,023.00
Pure Wakesurf P1 HK$9,630.00
Phase Five The Key LTD- 2023 HK$7,655.00 HK$8,505.00
Phase Five Matrix - 2023 HK$6,498.00 HK$7,220.00
Phase Five Diamond Turbo - 2023 HK$6,715.00 HK$7,461.00
Phase Five Diamond Luv - 2023 HK$6,498.00 HK$7,220.00
Wake Outfitters Vortex by Exile from HK$4,157.00 HK$6,257.00
Doomswell El Jefe - White HK$4,811.00 HK$6,417.00
Phase Five Phantom - 2023 HK$7,149.00 HK$7,943.00
Phase Five Doctor - 2023 HK$7,004.00 HK$7,783.00
Doomswell Falcon - White 2023 HK$4,811.00 HK$6,417.00
Deese Mode Pro Finless - Red HK$4,879.00 HK$6,016.00
Liquid Force Neo Skim HK$6,016.00 HK$8,032.00
Phase Five MVP - 2023 HK$6,715.00 HK$7,461.00
Phase Five Matrix LTD- 2023 HK$7,655.00 HK$8,505.00
Phase Five Mindset HK$7,461.00
Doomswell Neo 2023 HK$4,811.00 HK$6,016.00
Doomswell Falcon - Kevlar 2023 HK$5,614.00 HK$6,819.00
Doomswell Falcon - Bamboo 2023 HK$5,614.00 HK$6,819.00
Phase Five Oogle HK$4,811.00
Phase Five Hammerhead - 2023 HK$6,715.00 HK$7,461.00
Liquid Force Guapo HK$4,169.00
Liquid Force Vice from HK$4,811.00 HK$6,417.00
Liquid Force Reign Pro HK$6,016.00 HK$6,819.00
Doomswell Nubstep - White 2023 HK$4,811.00 HK$6,176.00