Soulcraft Agave Wakesurf Board

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This new Soulcraft Agave wakesurf board will strike the chord that you have been missing from nose to tail!

This model was designed with speed, pop and release for 3's in mind. It was inspired by the SuperAV that has had many years of R&D put into it. The Agave has a speed rail which will keep you attached to the wave and gain speed by simply leaning forward or pumping down the wave. Single concave bottom to a flat tail will allow water to flow and create pop off the back for bigger airs. The squash tail is designed for stability and release being a bit more forgiving then a traditional fang tail design. The Agave is the perfect board if your looking to jump up your surfing skills. Comes stock as a Quad fin set up.


4'4: Up to 150lbs

4'7: Up to 230lbs

4'10: Up to 275lbs

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