Connelly Big Easy - 2019

  • This is the board to bring on the boat for all ages! If you want to show your kid the joys of surfing with you, the Big Easy has the space. If you just want to get out there and carve the wake or toe the nose, it's excellent for that as well. The Big Easy is just an all around fun board and a perfect one to take out for all occasions!
    The Big Easy is a throwback to the soul carving style of the 1960's. Connelly's longest surfer to date and equipped with a full length EVA pad the Big Easy lets you hang back at the tail for big turns, or run up for some toes on the nose action. Our unique tail design keeps this big board surprisingly nimble and the tri fin setup lets you dial in how it tracks.
    • Surf design
    • Epoxy construction
    • EPS foam core with 5mm stringer
    • T.O.T.N. full EVA pad
    • Tri 6.5” center, FCS II side carver 3.9”
    • Designed for: Intermediate/Advanced
    Size: 5'6"
    Width: 21.30"
    Volume: 28.6L
    Rocker Height: 3.20"/0.60"
    Rider Weight: One size fits all